die struck lapel pins -a die is cut to the image of your design (repeat orders save on this step!!). your image is stamped on the sheet of iron or copper. copper is a softer metal and allows a sharper image at a slighly higher cost than iron. cutting molds are made seperately, and the pins are cut out to the outline of the desing shape. plating is done next: for this type of pin the most common is gold on gold, but other metal platings such as silver and black nickel are available. the raised metal surfaces are then highly polished to a luster finish while recessed areas are left with a sandblasted look

-zinc alloy
thickness: .1.2mm


-high polished gold metal
-antique gold
-high polished silver metal
-antique silver
-polished&antique copper
-polished black metal black nickel

what are the advantages of die strucklapel pins?
-it provides a unique and elegant look.
-die struck lapel pins can be made into custom shapes.
-they have a medium to high perceived value.
-available in several different metal plating colors.
-they are the best choice for service and years of service pins
features and benefits
-is an excellent choice for quality.
-uses raised and recessed metals to depict the design.
-recessed areas are sandblasted for a textured look.
-raised areas can be highly polished.
-cut out shapes can be used to emphasize text and logo.
all of our lapel pins are individually poly bagged.


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