The manufacturing process
begins when our client creates a drawing of what they want on their adornment (pin). The artwork is then sent to our production staff for review. We always assist the client in creating the final artwork, including colors, that the factory will need to create the pieces. See the illustration below for a process of what the factory does to perfect your pieces.

Step 1
The design is reviewed by our mold and die makers at our factory. Then the die is struck into the base metal and the piece is created.

Step 4
The second color is applied and then baked a second time.
Step 2
In the case of a lapel pin, the nail (post) is soldered onto the back.

Step 5
More color is added and then baked. The process is repeated for as many colors used.
Step 3
The first color is applied. The pin is then baked. All colors are powder, which is applied by hand, sometimes by hand with a magnifying glass.

Step 6
Finally, the piece is polished, buffed, and plated to give a jewelry-like finish.

Plating Styles

-Antique gold

-Antique bronze
-Bright nickel
-Dyeing black
-Antique silver

-Antique copper

-Black nickel